XRP Community Perplexed by Ripple vs SEC Quiet What is coming


XRP Community Perplexed by Ripple vs SEC Quiet What is coming


  • The XRP community is engaged in discussions over the SEC's lack of communication in the ongoing Ripple case, expressing concerns about undisclosed advancements
  • Fred Rispoli foresees losses for the SEC, leading to debates about the extended silence surrounding the issue
  • XRP investors are expressing uncertainty as they mistrust the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) motives in the ongoing legal struggle with Ripple

Amidst the excitement and speculation around the Bitcoin ETF story, the XRP community faces a period of anxiety as some question the lack of communication in the continuing legal battle between the SEC and Ripple.


The argument starts with Fred Rispoli, who expresses astonishment at the lack of SEC discovery moves considering the traditionally adversarial character of the action. The author contemplates two possible scenarios: a resolution when the SEC acquires the necessary evidence or a lengthy legal conflict that concludes with a briefing on damages and a judgment anticipated in early summer.

Jeremy Hogan, a partner at Hogan & Hogan, expresses his concern, remarking, "Indeed, Fred, the current situation has been quite tranquil." Causing me anxiety.

Rispoli expresses optimism that the SEC is seeing its possible financial setbacks in the case against Ripple and is shifting its focus to other endeavors. The argument expands as other commenters propose that the SEC's strategy of delaying litigation proceedings harms investors.

The community examines the SEC's intentions, with Rispoli highlighting the SEC's inclination towards financial advantages, suggesting that a lengthy damages phase would result in reduced monetary benefits for the SEC.

In light of the uncertainty, there are concerns over the SEC's long-term strategy, including the potential for an appeal. Rispoli proposes that speeding the process of discovery and briefing would be essential in rapidly reaching the appeal stage if an appeal is being considered.

While ongoing conversations continue, the XRP community remains anxious, conjecturing about the SEC's intentions and the possible ramifications for Ripple and XRP investors.

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