Planned Altcoin Drop Ahead of Potential Bitcoin ETF Approval

Planned Altcoin Drop Ahead of Potential Bitcoin ETF Approval


  • Reddit is engaging in a discussion over a purported plot to sell out other cryptocurrencies before the adoption of a Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)
  • Are whales divesting from altcoins to artificially increase the value of Bitcoin upon the anticipated approval of an ETF
  • The community engages in speculation on potential market manipulation and eagerly anticipates the ruling on the Bitcoin spot ETF

In a recent CryptoCurrency thread on Reddit, participants participated in a speculative conversation over the probable deliberate sale of a lesser-known cryptocurrency by influential investors. The conspiracy theory posits that powerful entities with substantial holdings in altcoins are deliberately divesting themselves of these assets to subsequently allocate their funds into Bitcoin (BTC), particularly after the anticipated approval of the long-awaited spot Bitcoin ETF.

The essay explores the notion, asserting that many businesses worldwide own a significant cryptocurrency market share. Purportedly, these entities are divesting themselves of alternative cryptocurrencies to redirect their assets into Bitcoin promptly after adopting the ETF. The article proposes a method that entails divesting altcoins, resulting in a decline in their values, and then reinvesting in the same altcoins after capitalizing on Bitcoin's rapid increase.

The author worries about the ongoing decline in altcoin prices and raises inquiries about the lack of discussion around this market behavior. This tendency will continue until the Bitcoin Spot ETF is approved. Several people in the comments section contend that this cycle is an inherent and customary feature of market creation.

The broader cryptocurrency community is anxiously anticipating updates surrounding the prospective authorization of the Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF). Some people are sure that the approval is likely, while others feel that other entities may be intentionally delaying the decision for their own gain. They anticipate that the price of Bitcoin will increase significantly if the ETF news is favorable.

An instance of this may be the number of senior executives who have resigned from their positions. Cryptocurrency community members suspect this is done to amass fortunes by leveraging privileged information. Amidst market concerns, players are cautious and considering the possible effects on both altcoins and bitcoin.

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