Altcoinist Two Bull Run Predictions Possible Scenarios and Risks

Altcoinist Two Bull Run Predictions, Possible Scenarios and Risks


  • Altcoinist forecasts two simultaneous bullish market trends, propelled by the introduction of BlackRock's spot ETF and interventions by central banks
  • Exercise caution in light of the possibility of a stock market collapse and the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency industry
  • Investors should be vigilant due to the possibility of a two-part bull run or blow-off peak situation

Altcoinist, a well-known cryptocurrency analyst, has presented a possible scenario of two simultaneous periods of market growth, forecasting substantial changes in the market and emphasizing essential aspects that might influence the future direction of the cryptocurrency industry.

The first surge in the market is credited to BlackRock's submission of a spot ETF, which is seen as a significant indication of forthcoming approval within a year. The ongoing shift from media attention to enthusiasm is anticipated to result in greed and, eventually, euphoria, with a predicted peak estimated to fall within the range of $61,000 to $87,000.

After extreme happiness and excitement, the altcoins predict that the Federal Reserve will respond strongly to counteract the widespread impact of aggressive interest rate increases, which might lead to a significant decline in the stock market. However, the Federal Reserve's expanded tools may expedite a quick economic recovery, similar to the strong rebound after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Forecasting the economic outlook 2024, experts anticipate a turbulent and dynamic environment characterized by significant fluctuations, including declining stock values, escalating oil costs, and an imminent recession.

Altcoinist warns of the need for prudence, foreseeing a significant decline over six months that can exceed past downturns in both velocity and severity. Market players who have taken on excessive leverage are being cautioned about possibly incurring losses. As a result, it is recommended that they hold cash buffers and use financial hedges.
Altcoinist suggests that the 2024 crisis may recover faster than previous crashes. The market might bounce back within two months, mainly owing to the proactive actions of central banks.

The second bull run is expected to be initiated by assertive central bank operations, perhaps entailing the creation of trillions of USD via printing. Bitcoin's value might surge over $200K, raising worries about the loss of wealth for the middle and lower classes due to the devaluation of fiat currency.
Altcoinist suggests an extraordinary price surge or an expected two-phase upward trend. Investors are encouraged to be watchful and carefully manage the ever-changing financial environment.

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