Charles Hoskinson Retains XRP Statements Made a Year Ago

XRP withstands criticism and sets its sights on future success


  • Charles Hoskinson reaffirms his stance on the value of XRP after a year
  • The ongoing hostility within the community and the absence of technological similarities have been mentioned as reasons
  •  Hoskinson raises doubts about the objective in light of ongoing internet criticism

One year ago, Charles Hoskinson, the creator of IOHK, sparked controversy among the XRP community by stating that "XRP does not offer any meaningful collaborations or technological benefits." David Schwartz of Ripple reacted, asking for a reassessment, while Charles Hoskinson remained firm in his position despite XRP's difficulties and legal disputes.

Given the recent determination that XRP is not classified as a security, the aforementioned statement strongly encourages Hoskinson to provide a further answer. On this occasion, they probably anticipated a change in Hoskinson's perspective on XRP, hoping to hear a new viewpoint. Nevertheless, Hoskinson remains resolute in his earlier stance toward XRP and its community.

Hoskinson was specifically interrogated over his position on the valuation of XRP. Hoskinson maintained his position, providing justification based on two years of persistent abuse from the community, the lack of technological similarities between Cardano and XRP, and divergent market objectives.

Hoskinson underscored the fact that Tezos, Algorand, Polkadot, Ethereum, and Cardano have common objectives in addressing problems, but Ripple fulfills a unique function. He emphasized the community's persistent instances of personal assaults and abuse, which made healthy talks unattainable.

Although Hoskinson expresses his thoughts clearly, the XRP community often dismisses or misinterprets his views, causing him to doubt the rationale for participating in these talks. Hoskinson expected more criticism after the current contact, questioning the purpose of beginning a conversation that often leads to an increase in unpleasant internet discussions.

This update highlights the continuous conflict between influential individuals in the cryptocurrency industry and the XRP community, emphasizing the difficulties of engaging in productive discussions in the face of divergent viewpoints and ongoing disputes.

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