Crypto Investor Favorite Altcoins for Celestia Pump Wave

Crypto Investor Favorite Altcoins for Celestia Pump Wave


  • After Celestia's phenomenal success, crypto investors are looking for altcoins that may have a similar upswing
  •  Modular blockchain projects like Manta, AltLayer, EigenLayer, and many more provide promising opportunities for expansion
  • Using Celestia's success as a background, VirtualBacon spotlights major cryptocurrency initiatives

In light of the recent success of Celestia ($TIA), virtual currency investor and educator VirtualBacon has offered some predictions about upcoming altcoin projects that might see substantial increases. Since its November airdrop, Celestia's value has increased eightfold, and VirtualBacon says that other cryptocurrencies might do the same.

Celestia was an early adopter of the modular blockchain architecture, essential for many Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains since it ensures data availability and consensus.

With a market price of $19 billion, Celestia has accomplished a lot, including decentralization and cost-effective data storage, but the issue remains: can it continue to grow?
Manta Network is a project that uses Celestia's framework, and VirtualBacon is bullish on it. With its fast-expanding Total Value Locked (TVL) and reduced transaction costs, Manta Network is positioning itself as a significant competitor in the modular industry.

The next cryptocurrency to watch is AltLayer, which will soon be available on Binance Launch Pool. Celestia has stiff competition from AltLayer in the modular blockchain business, which offers tools for different Layer 2 solutions.

Also brought to light is EigenLayer, which is not limited to just a staking project but is a formidable rival to Celestia with far-reaching potential. Fans of Celestia should keep an eye on EigenLayer, according to VirtualBacon.

The NEAR Protocol offers affordable data storage as it joins the modular wave. Near Data Availability (DA) may soon be the go-to option for efficiency-minded developers.

The team at Celestia built Fuel Network, which they say is the fastest modular execution layer in the world. Fuel Network is becoming more popular in cryptocurrency as rumors of impending airdrops circulate.

An alternative to AltLayer is Dymension's rollup-as-a-service, available on their platform for fast and flexible app chains. Dimension might play a significant role in the industry when its token launch happens.

Saga completes the set with its modular approach to blockchain scaling. The modular story of Saga is picking up steam thanks to a continuous airdrop.

Lastly, VirtualBacon highlights that projects such as Manta, EigenLayer, and Fuel show great promise in the developing field of modular blockchain technology, even if Celestia's worth is still up for debate. Keep an eye on these new ventures; investors will be wise to do so.

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